Build Your Good Social Credit Score

You Are Not Just A Number.

The fast track to great credit is in your hands.



Buiding your BCC Score is simple and fast. Best of all, it's your score for life and can be used for a variety of real life applications.

The perfect solution for companies who want to increase revenue.


Report payment history and a variety of other important factors for your clients and help them build their way to doing better business with great companies like yours!

We are all about solutions.

Bringing businesses together with valuable clients and helping those clients build a viable reputation is what Biteris Credit offers millions of people and the companies they represent around the world.


Building and maintaining established credit can be an enormous benefit to individuals who strive to get ahead and the companies they want to do business with. Working in conjunction with Biteris Bank, companies can offer their clients services and products on credit, and extend to them the benefit of being a trusted member of their community.

Increase your financial power with the right information and tools.
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